1. What can I expect during my initial consultation?

After we speak on the phone or communicate via email, I will setup a meeting at your home, future home site, my office, or any other establishment that is convenient. We will talk about your wish list for your new house as well as your budget. Through conversation I will get a good gauge as to your style, size, and complexity of your home. It is okay if you have pictures of styles of homes for me to review. But I can't look at floor plans from other designers or from any printed materials produced by other home Builders or Architects. Some people put together a Pinterest or Houzz album of ideas. This works well but isn't required. The meeting will last between 1 and 2 hours and you are not charged a consolation fee.

2. Is there a minimum square footage or price range for your designs?

I design in all different styles and sizes. My average home is around 2500 square feet. But there isn't a required minimum size or budget.

3. We do not yet own a lot, but we want to build a custom home. Can you help us locate a lot?

We don't have a built-in Real-estate service, but we have enough connections to help in the process of securing a lot or parcel of land.

4. What kinds of architectural styles do you offer?

We design in all styles. It only depends on what the client prefers. But we have homes designed in styles that range from Arts and Crafts to French Country, to Contemporary and everything in between.

5. What's the difference between custom log homes and custom timber homes?

A custom log home uses logs that are stacked as well as for the frame. Timber framing is used as frame/structure- only. In Wisconsin, real log homes don't adapted well to our volatile temperature swings. Timber framing is much more adaptable.

6. How do your home costs compare to Model Home Builders?

When we compare ourselves to Model home Builders, our end cost is very similar, assuming the Model Home Builder is using the exact same materials. We specialize in accommodating our clients with a home that suits their specific needs. There isn't a template of cost to work from. We bid all homes separately to establish an actual cost pre-construction.

7. Is it allowed to schedule construction site tours?

Yes. We encourage all our clients to visit them with us to see the materials we use and the standards we set for all homes in every stage of the building process.

8. What modifications can I make to the house plan?

You are not limited to design changes.

9. How do I choose the right lake house plan?

Choosing the right design starts with understanding your parameters. Lake home Building can be complicated. There are many rules to follow and most of them are not easily accommodated. We take care of all the logistical aspects of dealing with the Municipality, HOA, Architectural board, and any other hurdle that is involved in lake home Building.

10. Can we schedule custom home tours?

Yes. Once we understand the style, size, and budget of your future home. We can schedule a walk through of a home that best represents those things.

11. If I use your design services am I obligated to use your General Contractors services?

No. Once you have invested in your new home design, the plans are yours. You can choose any builder.